Hey! I'm the gal behind the camera. You can call me Jen, aka, your new bestie with a camera.

I’m a photographer, creative soul, people loving, South African Born and USA raised, hopeless romantic,  nature and landscape loving spirit. 

 My passion is creating meaningful relationships with others and using my artistic mind and gift to tell their story and give them an experience they will remember & cherish while laughing a lot & creating a new connection with you and your story.  

Ever since I was young, you would always catch me drawing, painting, singing, or getting my hands on anything creative. Not only that, but I had the love for creating connection with others and knowing people's stories. 

In 2009 I picked up my first DSLR and Film camera, and I knew it was love at first sight. My camera brought my two greatest loves together and created an avenue for me to get to know others and use my art to get to know them and document moments in their life

 Ever since, I have been photographing everyone and everything until I transitioned full time into working with couples & weddings. 5 years into the wedding industry and 150 + weddings and elopements under my belt,  I realized that while traditional weddings were great, it lacked a certain connection and authenticity through all the planning, stress, opinions of others, and money poured into it. 

After capturing over 150 traditional weddings, I started to focus more on bringing my love of people, adventure, and photography that elopements & intimate weddings are where I can serve my client's best in line with my strengths and desire to  help guide them to create a custom wedding experience true to who they are. An authentic, joyful, and fully present experience custom to your story and who you are, not what the industry, family, or society tells you it should be. 





While I love the photography part of my job, my real passion lies in helping couples realize that they don't have to do things the way they're "supposed to." The wedding industry can be... a lot. And I hated seeing how many couples ended their wedding day saying they wish they had eloped, and done what they wanted instead of being pressured into a party they didn't want.

I want to be your cheerleader in having the wedding day of your dreams - because there's no idea too crazy, and nothing's off limits when you elope!




In South Africa

Thats me and my amazing husband Josh on the shores of South Africa making elopement dreams reality! 

I always had a dream to get married in the country I was born! But you know how life goes when you live all the way across the world. When Josh and I fell in love in our early 20s, it was easiest to get married in the states. 

We both were so young when we got married and opted for a traditional wedding because we didn't know there were other options. We are so thankful for our wedding, however, I don't think we would do it again. It was SO much money, and we barely got to see each other and enjoy the day together. It went by in a flash, and it also cost an arm and a leg. 

The more I got into the wedding industry as a full time photographer, I realized how much I had always dreamed of eloping in the beauty of South Africa with my person instead of the traditional wedding we had. 

Fast forward 5 years into marriage and we made our dream adventure elopement happen on the Cape Shores in South Africa. Splashing in the ocean, climbing on rocks, running on the beach, and just enjoying the best venue there is.. nature!

thats us!